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Designed by Money Managers
for Money Managers

The most flexible fee billing solution available today.

The erario fee billing solution was created by money managers for money managers to meet their present and future billing needs. It has quietly been installed by some of the world's largest managers. erario handles over 75,000 billing scenarios and is flexible enough to evolve as your billing needs change over time. erario can assist you in reducing operational costs and billing errors while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • erario was designed by Money Managers for Money Managers. Its features and functionality were born out of the need to solve real world issues faced by some of the industry's largest Managers.

  • Unlike other programs that do not offer customization and require you to wait years for requested functionality erario is built on a proprietary development "framework" which enables us to quickly and efficiently customize the application to your specific needs.
  • erario is the most cost effective solution on the market.

  • The capabilities of erario are only limited by your imagination.

  • erario supports over 75,000 billing scenarios.

  • For over a decade erario has proven to be a highly stable and robust application, offering peace of mind and superior performance.

Your Source for Complex
Fee Billing Solutions.

As a leader in customizable software, Framework Solutions, Inc. (FSI) clearly understands that the functionality of a software platform is only as good as the benefits it provides, the flexibility with which it can be adapted, and its scalability as needs grow over time.

Powerful Features and Functionality:

  • Extensive Account Information Tracking
  • Support For Complex Billing Situations
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable Support
  • Cashflow Projection Modeling
  • Month End Accruals Processing
  • Automated General Ledger Interfaces
  • Powerful Sub-Systems At No Additional Cost

Realize the Benefits

  • Feature-rich, customizable application guaranteed to meet your current and future needs
  • Interfaces with existing data and reporting platforms
  • Responsive and timely support tailored to your specific needs
  • Decreased operational costs from reduced back office burdens
  • Improved cash flow due to reduced billing errors
  • Increased reporting capabilities
  • Improved customer satisfaction
To learn more about what erario™ can do for you view our e-brochure.
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To learn more about erario™ Software Specifications view our e-brochure.
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