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clinical control

clinical control

Designed by and for Clinical Trial Departments at Hospitals and Clinical Research Sites

The most flexible clinical department management system available today.

As a leader in customizable software, Framework Solutions, Inc. (FSI) clearly understands that the functionality of a software platform is only as good as the benefits it provides, the flexibility with which it can be adapted, and its scalability as needs grow over time.

  • Uniquely designed from the perspective of the clinical trial departments at major hospitals and research sites, clinical control dramatically streamlines your operations, by integrating and automating data from all your various sponsored studies.

  • With robust and customizable features, clinical control can easily be modeled to your specific departmental needs. Simply put, clinical control is the most customizable clinical trial management application on the market.
  • For over a decade, clinical control has proven to be a highly stable and robust application, offering peace of mind and superior performance.

  • Unlike other programs that do not offer customization and require you to wait years for requested functionality clinical control is built on a proprietary development "framework" which enables us to quickly and efficiently customize the application to your specific needs

What Sets Framework Solutions, Inc. and clinical control Apart?

We guarantee that clinical control is the most FLEXIBLE solution on the market.

Powerful Features and Functionality:

  • Automate patient screening and recruitment for maximum enrollment
  • Track multiple protocols, sponsors, budgets, IRB's
  • Efficiently monitor both sponsor and investigator initiated grants, studies
  • Streamline financial management: budgets, payments, receivables, invoices, etc.
  • Effectively track budget costs, revenues, projections, actuals, etc.
  • Monitor and report employee time tracking per protocol, grant or study.
  • Integrate with clinical dms, our robust clinical data management platform

Realize the Benefits

  • Feature-rich, customizable application guaranteed to meet your current and future needs
  • Interfaces with existing data and reporting platforms
  • Responsive and timely support tailored to your specific needs
  • Responsive and timely support tailored to your specific needs
  • Responsive and timely support tailored to your specific needs
  • Increase patient and sponsor satisfaction
  • Ensure departmental growth

To learn more about what clinical control can do for you view our e-brochure.

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